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We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Our objective is to help you raise yourself in any or all aspects of life including spiritual, professional and social by learning, right reasoning by mind and right feeling by heart, from Shri Swami Manishanadji.

This web site is dedicated to our beloved Guruji on his Holy Diamond Jubilee Birth Aniversary - 14 January 2007.
  About Swami Manishanandji
Born in royal family of the rulers of Phulphur state in Burma (Myanmar), inherited limitless comforts and a cultured, religious and resourceful lineage.
Fathered by highly respected and duty-bound gentleman of highest integrity and character, colonel Shri Krishnapratapsinhji
Mothered by cultured, religious, Virtuous and God-fearing lady Shrimati Dharmishtha Ba.
Formerly named, Shivnarayan was raised in army culture and inherited the virtues of discipline, dedication, principled living and focussing on personal goals right since childhood.
MSc. Double Gold Medalist opted for job of Professor to teach science though was selected for IAS
Accepted renunciation at the age of 26 and with immense guidance of Guru Swami Madhavanandji and Sadhna, Shivnarayan transcended to Swami Manishanandji
Achieved the coveted designation of 1008 Mahandaleshwar, Paramhansa and Brahmavidvadvarishth.
Settled down on the banks of holy Narmada at Angareshwar (Bharuch), Gujarat in 1965.
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